The Planet Eater [3.8.24] [7pm Cst]

The Planet Eater [3.8.24] [7pm Cst]

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“You will stay until the labors have been completed. What I have given you... I can also take away.”

Unicron - You Belong To Me

3.8.24 - 7pm CST - Friday

Unicron has entered the solar system🤖😈

Quick gather The Colony and organize the Ops, it’s time to roll out!

50 made

2 per 🏠

If you haven’t already go jump in The Colony group, Badass gaw in the group rn and I’m planning on adding this design plus some more to the prize 🔥

#amo #ops #unicron #thecolony #patchart #devour #AMOday

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