Pre Order Mystery #1 [ Astro Theme ] [ Plz Read Info 1st ] [Open from Aug 19th - 23rd  ]

Pre Order Mystery #1 [ Astro Theme ] [ Plz Read Info 1st ] [Open from Aug 19th - 23rd ]

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For pre orders, Plz only checkout with the pre order as I will print and hold these labels till its ready to go. Unless you don't mind waiting on the other items purchased on hold till these go out. Remember this can take a few weeks before its shipped as I will need a final count before producing. Read all below plz.

embroidery patch mystery

We know drops can be a little tough and some people who'd like to collect but struggle with drops, or time don't have the opportunity to score. Well here is your chance.

We hear you and now we got a new occasional style. Pre Orders!

So the way this will work is I would post when the product will be available and when it will close. For example... Opens Aug 13th - 20th. After it closes the amount ordered in that time frame will be the final count made. No restocks just a buyers dictate the final count made of this limited design within the time the pre order is open. Once it closes I will not make anymore of this design.

This Product will be a mystery based off discussions, but I will disclose the theme of the mystery. 

So this way those that would like to catch a limited drop will now have a easy opportunity

They also will be limited to 2 per person. 

I will not open it after the pre order date passes. As once the time hits I will then contact my manufacture with a final count to begin producing the design immediately.

Once the product is completed and arrived with me. I will immediately package and send out to all the pre orders and thats final. no drops of this design, just the pre order is the final count. 

This could take anywhere from 2 plus weeks to arrive but rest assured you can trust it will be delivered.  If you do not want to wait the amount of time needed to manufacture and ship out, Plz do not order and ask for a refund. Those who do so will be blocked.

You can trust we wont meh a mystery design

Tax included.


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