February Lunar Delivery

February Lunar Delivery

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AMO Monthly Subs

RIF (Details of package at the bottom of the info)

Starting a all new monthly subscription.

Limited spots, every month

100% Collection is automatic spot if you want to exercise.

I reserve the right to cancel any unexpected or purchase that was not approved. this is not an open product but a limited slot for my private group. Products will vary and since always different limit made on the designs, limited slots will be available

Perks, I will try to predict my intended drops for the month. Once I do a price will be set and at a discounted rate since you're putting your support and trust in me with a whole months purchase.

EX: Package contains 4 patches, and I end up dropping 5, the extra will be tossed in on me as a gift since I forgot to factor it in.

Price EX: 4 patches at 20 each = 80, discounted price would 70-72 ish.

Availability Ex: I have about 20 Complete members, There could be say 30 slots - the 20 from the 100%. Will always be limited since I do not know at the moment what I intend to drop and its limit made.

The package will be all expected drops for that month. Unseen designs yet to be revealed so patience at revealing would be appreciated.

Absolutely no flippers, wafflers can or will be allowed to purchase. I will cancel if some how you get in, There will be future designs in here and I will not allow them to ruin this.

There may slots available or opened but there will be collection % limitations.

**For Feb, I believe there are 5 designs, 2 collabs, one set, and a laser.**

(Set - 85 each, labs - 130 made and 130 made, Laser - 100 Made.) 

Estimated cost would have been 104 (NIS) Discount will be automatically applied to the listing

You can choose a ship date if you'd like me to hold or ship with an alternate carrier via USPS, FEDX, UPS

Tax included.


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