Cyber Monday Round Trip
Cyber Monday Round Trip

Cyber Monday Round Trip

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OPS! Join us on a round trip to the future as we bend time and space for a suprise trip! Who knows what you could bring back with you.

*No specifics just future designs. This is an opportunity to grab something not on a drop schedule yet at a early deal*

Everything brought back from the future will eventually be dropped down the line

1 seat per person

1 per household/person

If you grabbed a ride during the black friday trip you're out as well.

Cyber Deal

Gates will be locked up, Security Clearance and Ops badge must be in hand to enter.

$30 price for a seat

Will have a minimal of $36 value or more . How lucky will you be?

Ops clearance is a must and will be the only method of entry.

Violators will be removed

Tax included.