1st ever Gold Rush Event [ Pre Order ] [ Closed once limit is reached ]

1st ever Gold Rush Event [ Pre Order ] [ Closed once limit is reached ]

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First Ever Gold Rush Event!

First Ever will come with a 1/3 shot at a leather!!

Packs will be randomly distributed featuring rare designs

Date is TBA 

Limit will be 2-3 Packs. Will update once complete

This will be a Pre Order style event.

Please allow time for completion, all packs will be shipped at the same time once completed and randomized.

  • Packs will come in a custom printed and sealed bag/pouch.
  • Buyers will have to rip/break the seal to open.

Total made will not exceed 100! Once they sell out that is it

Limit of 2 max

If this event is a success, look for future events with epic prizes

The 1st ever G.R.E packs will feature designs listed below.

  1. Cpt JS "Where is the Rum?" and Barrel PVC RE set - 100 made
  2. Gold themed patch - 100 made
  3. Super Rare Toxic ELE Gold x Silver - 40/60 split for 100 made [ Random ]
  4. 33 bags will score a custom Leather ELE 1/3 chance [ Random ]

* Price will be around 75+ range once completed * All Shipped Priority Mail*

PLZ allow a few weeks for products to be completed. This is a pre order, will be shipped out once entire set is complete. Time is needed to close out and will be shipped out as soon as it's ready

 - Bags may contain random extras as we pack them up. There is no guarantee for extras as we will randomly be packing them before officially sealing them for good. We want this to be as fair as it gets with blind packaging. This in it's nature will be the first ever Gold Rush!

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate"

Disclaimer: Due to limited nature these products can not be replaced. Once we have dropped it off at USPS it is out of our hands. We can not be held liable for USPS incompetence. Buyer accepts these risks when purchasing. If there are any issues please msg us and we will do what we can. Can provide other shipping methods at buyers expense, contact us if you'd like an alternative shipping company.


Thank you everyone for the continued support! We really hope you enjoy these. We have been constructing this event for some time and want it to be a cornerstone of AMO for the foreseeable future. Can't wait for y'all to see what we got in store!

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