Atonement 💥 [6.6.24][7pm Cst]

Atonement 💥 [6.6.24][7pm Cst]

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Trunks, Bulma... I Do This For You. And Yes, Even For You Kakarot

This Thursday- 6.6.24 at 7pm CST 💥


50 made

LE to 50 made 🔥 3 per

Ft- Gold and Blue metallic threads

disclaimer -  there’s are thin parts cut to shape to give a unique and great design its touch, be careful when pulling off and on. This is a limited product and cannot be replaced. Buyer understands this prior to purchasing.

#amo #atonement #fathersday #anime #DB #Majin #patchart #nextlevel #amoday

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